Immaculate Heart of Mary – Drone Aerial Cinematography Southern Maryland

Winson Media had the pleasure of filming Immaculate Heart of Mary Church – Lexington Park MD from the sky. If you have been to this church you know how beautiful it is.  Please like our page, share, and enjoy the video in HD on .

You can also watch the full video on Youtube:

One of the priest approached me one day sometime over a year ago to film the church. Due to the church’s location and proximity near the base, I didn’t have the confidence to do it. After all, the church is located in restricted area where you must be granted permission to fly regardless if it was recreational or commercial. Fast forward about a year later Winson Media became FAA licensed and granted permission to fly at IHM by the controlling agency.

It was a beautiful partly cloudy Memorial Day for most people which can be a nightmare for a drone camera operator as the clouds were creating shadows throughout the shoot. Choosing the right camera settings can be a pain when
the natural lighting comes in and out of a shot as the exposure changes. With patience I was able to capture some beautiful footage at this location. In one of the shots, I actually used the moving shadow from the clouds as it created a pretty sweet effect. Unfortunately, I was supposed to fly inside of the church, but I ran out of batteries. I will be heading back to the church sometime to do the interior drone shoot so keep an eye out for an updated version of this video.

Winson Media is your premier Southern Maryland aerial cinematographer that provides high quality work to your project with affordable pricing. There’s more to capturing aerial footage than just flying a drone and pressing record. WM understands the different camera settings and filters used to produce images of the highest quality in any setting.  Then professional editing tools are used to put together the the final piece. Winson Media’s work has been and still is being recognized by organizations and various film festivals. For your next project do you want a drone pilot or an aerial cinematographer?

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Winson Media LLC is FAA Certified to operate drones legally for commercial use. It is illegal to work with drone pilots that are not certified. It is a realtor’s duty to verify this certification and not risk the property and people they are working with. Winson Media can also be insured up to $10 Million of liability coverage if needed. Safety and following all regulations are important to us. We work closely with local agencies when it comes to airspace to make sure we are given the permission to perform any of our drone operations.

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