Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest | Drone Cinematography

Winson Media receives another recognition. This time being a Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest. This adds another nomination for the  “Hope Edventures – Snow Covered Southern Maryland Drone” video in the past couple of years. Originally nominated and screened at the 2016 Southern Maryland Film Festival and the 2017 North Beach American Film Festival. It was also screened at the Charles County Mini-Fest at the Black Box Theatre in Indian Head, Maryland and shown on ABC WJLA Washington D.C and several other news outlets.

I still remember filming this day like it was yesterday. After the DMV was hit with what was dubbed as “Snowmageddon”, I wanted to capture the breathtaking scenery from the skies. Before heading out, I created a list of landmarks in Southern Maryland. After planning out how to go about visiting each place, I grabbed my drone and GoPro for a little #EDventure

On the way to my first location, I made an impromptu stop at Little Flower School. There I saw people sledding down the big hill. Families spending time with each other having a good time. I decided to capture this moment. Then I went to Holy Face Catholic Church to capture some drone shots there. Sort of my pre-flight location to make sure everything was good to go. My next stop was Leonardtown Square. Took some more drone shots there. It was pretty neat to see the place empty – no cars – with only bulldozers clearing the roads. After taking some shots there, I headed over to Solomon’s Island. There I wanted to capture the famous Tiki Bar, Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, the bridge, and the general area. I was able to get most of the shots I wanted except for the bridge shot. I was running low on battery. There was actually another drone pilot there that took some shots too. I have yet to find his video of that day. If you find another “Snow Drone” video in Solomon’s Island, let me know. One thing I had to monitor closely this whole time was my battery life. Flying in cold weather really drains your battery and I wanted to save some juice for one more location. I had a decision to make. I wanted to go to Point Lookout, but I knew I was fighting daylight and the battery time I had left was less than a few minutes. I decided to just head over to Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church to get my final shots of the video.  I remember church goers witnessing me fly my drone  at this time. The plan was to fly through the trees towards the Mother Mary Statue water fountain in the middle of the pond and then do a reveal shot, but my batteries ran out.  That was pretty much my filming day. I managed to edit the video in one day and the rest is history.

If you haven’t seen the original video, the link is provided above. The newer version of the video which includes the new Winson Media logo reveal can be viewed below. Make sure to watch in HD.

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I am  currently looking for ideas to create and submit for film festivals this year as well as collaborating with other film makers. Feel free to send us your ideas in the comments below or contact us at

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