Congrats Sarah and Colby! – Drone | Wedding Highlight

Check out the latest wedding video highlight from Winson Media. It was a wonderful day in St. Inigoes, Maryland on the water for an outdoor wedding and reception! Thank you to Sarah and Colby for the opportunity to capture their special day. The wedding was absolutely beautiful!

Location:  Mary’s Hope

You can view the video on Youtube  and on Facebook

A big shout out to Liza G. for flying over from Las Vegas to help shoot this wedding. It was a full day coverage that started out at the salon for some of the Bridal preparation and then over to the venue location where everything else was filmed till late in the evening. This venue was perfect from  a wedding cinematographer’s point of view. No need to travel to many different locations for the Bridal prep, the Groom prep, the ceremony location, reception, etc. Everything took place at the venue. On top of that anything I wanted to do for a wedding video was possible at this location with drone shots, the Bride and Groom photo op, the waterfront scenery, and having a beautiful sunset.

We are thankful for the attention this video has garnered as well as being featured at the latest Bridal show at Historic St. Mary’s City.

This was my third time at this venue and I continue to be blown away by its beauty. Winson Media would love to continue capturing the special moments at Mary’s Hope on Church Cove. If you are looking for a wedding venue, I recommend this location. If you are looking for a wedding cinematographer regardless of where your wedding will take place, I hope you consider Winson Media. We offer competitive affordable pricing and custom packages to fit any wedding needs. No wedding is too big or small. For questions about our wedding services or any of our other services, please contact us at

One last note, I wouldn’t be Winson Media if I didn’t mention about drone regulations for this event. Since the location is in restricted airspace and close to an active airport, Winson Media had to get authorization from the Patuxent River controlling agency in order to operate a drone. Winson Media follows all FAA regulations when operating with drones. Keep in mind most of Southern Maryland is under restricted airspace and it is illegal to operate a drone without authorization. Simply flashing your pilot certificate to the venue coordinator is not enough. You need to provide proof of authorization. Both the pilot and the person who hired the drone pilot will be held liable.

With all of that said, I hope you enjoy this video. Like Winson Media on Facebook. Subscribe on YouTube. Feel free to leave comments. I am  open to all ideas. Until then #keepWinning (Yup I’m starting that).


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Winson Media LLC is FAA Certified to operate drones legally for commercial use. It is illegal to work with drone pilots that are not certified. It is a realtor’s duty to verify this certification and not risk the property and people they are working with. Winson Media can also be insured up to $10 Million of liability coverage if needed. Safety and following all regulations are important to us. We work closely with local agencies when it comes to airspace to make sure we are given the permission to perform any of our drone operations.

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