DJI Spark – A Fun Drone

I always get asked what kind of drone to buy as a gift for a significant other. I always respond with the question, “What will it be used for?” The usual response goes along the lines of “for fun” or “just to fly around and take pictures or video”.

Since, they are not looking for anything on the professional side, I never recommend any of the 4k platforms. No need to spend at least $1000 dollars which I just recently learned is the cost of a Louis Vuitton bag. If it will not be used up to it’s 4K potential, it’s better to save the money and buy the budget friendly drones like the Phantom 3 Standard that costs $499.

Then comes the DJI Spark that was recently announced at the end of May. It is currently priced at $499. The Spark Fly More Combo (includes the DJI Spark, controller, propeller guards, extra propellers, extra battery, and charging hub) is priced at $699.

I recommend the new DJI Spark to these people. This drone is built for those who want to have fun with a drone and take quick selfies or videos. It is not meant for professional use. It fits in your book bag or pocket, has a 1080p stabilized camera, and many other features. Unlike the Phantom 3 standard, the DJI Spark is portable and contains flight safety technology. It can detect objects in front and below it. Very useful for first time users especially to that significant other who has never flown a drone before. For more information about the DJI Spark or if you are interested in buying one use the banner link below to go to DJI’s website:

For a great unboxing article and an in-depth review video of the spark visit DJI Spark Unboxing and In-Depth Review.

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